About the Company

The company DOGAN Air Conditioning Solutions is known by this name recently, but we have been on the market since 1991, as a compressor shop and refrigerator service "DOGAN". But that small shop quickly grew into a multi-national company, and our air conditioning department got this new name.

In addition to the work of our sister companies Dogan Frigo and Dogan Service, we are engaged in the design, construction, and maintenance of all types of residential, commercial and industrial HVAC systems.

DOGAN is an importer and distributor of the international brand LG - a leader in technological innovation and the notion of credibility in the market of HVAC systems, from the appearance of the first household AC unit in 1968, until the introduction of one of the most efficient and reliable VRF systems in the world today, MULTI V 5.

This collaboration enables us to offer a wide range of products and services, from the design and construction of the most complex VRF system solutions to simple inverter air conditioners for households.

Our Approach

From idea to satisfied customer

Each project is unique and regardless of its level of complexity, we implement in detail all the individual phases of the process from start to finish, in order to successfully manage resources and deadlines, minimize the possibility of error and assess and eliminate possible risks, through blueprint engineering and conceptual design up to testing, installation and service.

Our main goal is to provide satisfied customers through:

  • Delivery of top quality and service 
  • Energy efficiency and maximum energy savings
  • Reducing costs and maximizing the benefits of new technologies
  • Implementation of innovative solutions in order to meet the needs of the client within the foreseen deadline and budget 
  • Prolonged cooperation with the client by providing quality support and service

Our Mission

Нашата мисија е фокусирана на задоволување на потребите на домашниот и регионалниот пазар за сите видови на системи за греење, ладење и вентилација преку испорака и инсталација на најквалитетни и енергетска ефикасни решенија. Наша мисија е и едукација на поединечните таргет групи за предностите од имплементација на најновите технолошки иновации од сферата на HVAC системите и придобивките од истите за крајниот потрошувач.

DOGAN Air Conditioning Solutions based on its dynamic team and many years of experience has achieved that goal and completed some of the biggest projects in Macedonia, Kosovo, and Albania such as Cevahir Sky City, East Gate Shopping mall and many more, and is proud to gain its current position in the HVAC sector.

The next phase of the companies strategy includes maintaining its dominance in the HVAC sector and building new relationships with important clients to shape the future skylines of the Balkans and lead the HVAC industry in the region.