A complete solution for all your heating, ventilation and air conditioning (HVAC) needs.

DOGAN Air Conditioning Solutions is a company specialized in design, installation and maintenance of all types of heating, cooling and ventilation systems. With over 60 years of experience in the field of refrigeration equipment and air conditioning, our team offers top technical expertise and professional service in realizing every idea and finding the most efficient and economical solutions for the needs of our customers.


Our HVAC solutions are designed to ensure optimal comfort, regardless of outdoor temperatures.


We identify & eliminate unnecessary energy consumption, leaving you with maximal functionality for the minimum annual energy cost.

Built to Last

All of our systems are designed with longevity in mind, saving you maintenance costs down the line.

Top engineering team

With today's focus on getting the most out of your investment, finding the right mechanical contractor for your HVAC design and engineering project is crucial. At DOGAN Air Conditioning Solutions, our professional and highly trained staff can guide you through the entire process, from budget design and cost analysis to the installation and commissioning of each system, maximizing the return on your investment.

Complete Solution

As a leading HVAC design and engineering company, DOGAN Air Conditioning Solutions offers comprehensive design and engineering services for a wide range of projects in a variety of markets. Through system analysis, modern design and engineering, we always strive for quality and efficiency at every stage of your project. The ultimate goal is to deliver a solution that fits your unique specifications.

We offer you

  • Guaranteed quality
  • Modern design and engineering
  • Competitive prices

Our solutions go beyond simply designing a system. We begin with a thorough analysis of the financial and operational considerations of various pieces of equipment and their configuration. After each system is developed, we manage the entire project from preconstruction to final commissioning.

Mechanical engineering

DOGAN Air Conditioning Solutions uses technology and state-of-the-art methods to provide our clients with the safest, most efficient construction process. Our mechanical engineering department is equipped with the latest cutting-edge design software, including Autodesk AutoCad MEP, Autodesk Revit, TSI CAD-Duct, CAD-Mech. Our experience in coordinating 3D modeling using Autodesk Navisworks® gives us a clear edge over our competition.

Professional team

We at DOGAN Air Conditioning Solutions have the knowledge and resources to complete every project according to the highest standards in the industry. Across the Balkans, general contractors, building owners and property managers rely on our expertise in installing heating, ventilation and air conditioning systems for residential, commercial, and industrial use.

Our trained and qualified professionals have extensive experience in installing HVAC systems in a variety of projects - from new systems to renovating and replacing existing systems in existing buildings.

Professional installation

Professional installation is required to ensure proper operation and maximum efficiency of HVAC systems. Qualified staff manages each project, ensuring that each project fully meets the needs of our clients. We enjoy a reputation for outstanding service, a reputation earned through careful communication and a commitment to getting the job done right - on time and within budget.

Our supervisors recognize the importance of meeting the needs of our clients by maintaining tight installation schedules. We follow our comprehensive installation and performance review schedule, and have tools for effective communication and coordination of activities with other teams working on your project, properly scheduling delivery of materials, and optimizing on-site crew size.

Great customer service

"Amazing support", "Very experienced", "Confident in their work"… These are just a few of the words our clients use when describing the services of DOGAN Air Conditioning Solutions. Our maintenance staff is tasked with providing one thing - excellent customer service. Whether you are looking for commercial HVAC maintenance or equipment service/repair, we have a solution that meets your needs.

We offer you

  • Preventive maintenance contracts
  • 24/7 emergency service for any HVAC equipment or system
  • Quick repair and replacement of worn parts
  • Complete equipment retrofit solutions

Commercial HVAC Maintenance

  • Custom proactive preventive maintenance programs designed to extend the life of your mechanical equipment while maximizing energy savings
  • Each contract is tailored to the individual needs of each client
  • Innovative solutions in the repair and retrofit of your existing equipment you allow for maximum flexibility

Why our clients choose us

  • We provide valuable information about the state of your equipment so you can make an informed decision about protecting your investment.
  • We provide protection for your critical HVAC equipment.
  • We prolong the life of your equipment to give you time to better plan for replacement.
  • We quickly diagnose the true nature of the problem and provide corrective action.
  • We offer energy-based solutions that reduce the costs of ownership and operation.
  • We reduce overall costs by decreasing the amount of time your employees spend on unexpected, preventable breakdowns.
  • Ultimately, we provide peace of mind! You can spend your time focusing on core business needs instead of resolving mechanical or production issues.

Free evaluation and analysis

If you are interested in a maintenance contract but do not know the condition of your equipment, do not worry! We offer a written review of your system that includes:

  • current state of the system
  • estimated useful life
  • recommendations for system repair and improvements
  • system replacement or retrofit costs

DOGAN Air Conditioning Solutions will notify you of the cost of this analysis and waive this fee if a maintenance contract is approved so that you can immediately begin making informed decisions about your HVAC systems.